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Holiday Research

Hello there Kampers!

Over the last 2 months Kevin & I have been carrying our holiday research, as those of you who have been trying to contact us will attest.

This was partially due to spending 5 years working full time jobs and running Kev’s Kampers.  Kev has now gone part time in his day job to dedicate more time to our campervan business.  So we thought we had better try a bit of rest & recuperation to set us up for another busy Summer holiday season.

The full relaxation holiday was to Gran Canaria, all-inclusive 4* hotel jobby.  Wow! What a beautiful island.
It’s called the little continent as it has everything from sand dunes, where the nudists literally hang out, to lush green mountains.  The all-inclusive restaurant was great.  No thinking, “what are we going to have for tea?”  “Where can I buy the ingredients?” The only decision was, “what shall I put on my plate?” And “is my plate big enough?”













However, we did draw a strange comparison to camping.  On your average campsite each morning, you see a range of people wandering around in pyjamas, bed headed, scratching parts of their anatomy that should only be seen in private, walking to the amenities.  Although, they are in this vulnerable (wouldn’t normally be seen bra-less and without make-up) state, they make friendly eye contact and chirrup “Good Morning!”  But put people in a restaurant, dressed (albeit in less than pjs) and eye contact seems to be forbidden.  They are still half asleep, but for some reason not as friendly.  And don’t get me started on sun lounger hoggers!  It was a lovely, relaxing holiday though.

Our 2nd outing was to Jersey.  This was a return visit for us.  We spent part of our honeymoon there in 2010 and it’s where we fell in love with our first VW campervan – Frankie.


You HAVE to go.  What a gorgeous part of northern Europe!







It’s like Cornwall and the Mediterranean rolled together with the best of the British weather.  Walking along the coast in early spring sunshine, seeing red squirrels and hidden sandy coves forced a tear from my eye.  (This is a woman who is dry eyed at Bambi and Dumbo – yes! Even the scene where Mrs Dumbo is in jail!)

Jersey is only 5 hours on a ferry from Poole, or you could go via the Euro-Tunnel to St Malo via our friends at Chateau Monfreville – great road trip!







So, what has our holiday research taught us?

  1. Everyone needs holidays – even us
  2. Campers are the friendliest people on the planet
  3. If you’re self-catering, plan your meals, take what you need with you
  4. If you’re not taking food, research where the local shops are – give your hard earned cash to local businesses – contribute to the local economy.

    We’re now energised and
    refreshed for another busy season, so until we blog again…..
    …..Keep Kamping! 








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  1. Kevin KK Hart
    March 14, 2017 - Reply

    WOW! I’m practically the same colour as the sand – a by-product of chauffeuring London 🙂

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