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Wherever I park my dub…………

Being self employed generally means you don’t get too many genuine holidays.  Even when you do manage to escape you’re constantly checking your phone for emails, quotes, money hitting the bank etc.

The team here at Kev’s Kampers fully understand this as we’re exactly the same. However, we do feel we have an advantage – our campervans.  We can work in comfort inside a VW T2 camper when we’re away and at the same time put it down to market research!

Having electrical hook up so you can run all your electricals means the laptop never runs out of charge.  More importantly the gas stoves mean you can pop a brew on anytime.  Never again do you have to buy a Cost-a-lot coffee at a service station (to be fair Kev & I are partial to a skinny Cortado now and again).

Then, there is the view from the “office” window.

Well, it can be anywhere you like, beach, countryside, cityscape, car park……… and it can change whenever you want it to. To paraphrase Paul Young, “wherever I park my dub, that’s my office”

The facilities at campsites across the UK are amazing these days and many have WIFI facilities, so you don’t need to use up your data for the whole month in a day.

This is true flexible working. Particularly for the self-employed who need to get away, but still need to keep in touch. It also means that if you have an unexpected quiet spell, why not give us a call, see who’s available and make best use of your time.  One of the things we have learnt over the last 6 years, is that instead of worrying that things are a little quiet at times, that is precisely the time to grab a getaway.  Relax. Refresh. Recharge the batteries.  After all, as long as we have WIFI we can operate.

So, what do you do if you don’t have WIFI – like the Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny used to say, “Relax, unwind…..”  One of our favourite campsites Holden Farm, Cheriton, on the South Downs advises you to turn everything off, enjoy the scenery, the dark skies and the silence.  We feel another blog coming on……….

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Posted by Kev's Kampers on Monday, 23 April 2018

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Here comes the sun…..

What a difference a day makes!  It’s been such a long, cold, miserable Winter, hasn’t it?  Don’t get us wrong, we love snow, but the cold & wet can do one now, we’ve had enough – humph!

Saturday was a gorgeous day – it reminded us that if we’re patient, Spring will be sprung – eventually.  The warmth in the air, that big yellow disk in the sky, the trees and bushes sprouting green shoots.  Suddenly, the hedgerows are colourful instead of that dreary grey/brown.

It makes you feel all warm and fluffy inside *sighs*.  Winter is great to give Enzo and his pals, Boris, Otto, Sky, Freddie, Dylan and Matilda a rest, have a few check ups with Matt the mechanic and a spa day with Marcus the Masseur (valet to you and me).  However, they are now ready to rock and roll!

Depending on the size of your family, whether you’re taking the dog or whether you want heating – we have a van for you.  Check out their profiles at and choose which campervan you would like to take for your camping holiday in Summer 2018.

In fact, the sun must have gone to our heads – just for reading our blog we’ll give you a 10% discount if you quote the code #KKBLOG0418 – keep camping!


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Let our campervans “carrie” you to the school prom…

Sorry for the awful pun, but it is imperative you know who is taking your children to the school prom.

Of course, if your friends or family want to take your child in your own vehicle, that’s fine.  You know them and no money is changing hands.

It’s when cold, hard cash comes into the equation that things change.  Once money changes hands that then becomes driving for hire or reward and depending on the circumstances the driver/operator may need a PHV licence.

Weddings & Funerals are exempt from this  licencing (although there are insurance implications) however proms are not.  Anyone taking money for prom transport to a fall under the private hire regulations and should be licenced appropriately.  This should also include a DBS check, where the individual’s background has been checked to make sure they are suitable to be working around vulnerable people and minors.

Kev’s Kampers don’t have this private hire licencing – that’s why we offer self-drive for prom transport.  That way not only do you get to see your teenager in all their glory but you have the chance of more value for money by having the vehicle for at least 3 days – that’s a family weekend campervan getaway!

A 3 night hire costs £399 including insurance for two drivers and unlimited mileage.  We have extra availability this year as Glastonbury isn’t on – that’s normally around prime school prom time.  So, check your prom transport has the right licencing with your local council – or check suppliers such as PromDay Online.



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Holiday Research

Hello there Kampers!

Over the last 2 months Kevin & I have been carrying our holiday research, as those of you who have been trying to contact us will attest.

This was partially due to spending 5 years working full time jobs and running Kev’s Kampers.  Kev has now gone part time in his day job to dedicate more time to our campervan business.  So we thought we had better try a bit of rest & recuperation to set us up for another busy Summer holiday season.

The full relaxation holiday was to Gran Canaria, all-inclusive 4* hotel jobby.  Wow! What a beautiful island.
It’s called the little continent as it has everything from sand dunes, where the nudists literally hang out, to lush green mountains.  The all-inclusive restaurant was great.  No thinking, “what are we going to have for tea?”  “Where can I buy the ingredients?” The only decision was, “what shall I put on my plate?” And “is my plate big enough?”













However, we did draw a strange comparison to camping.  On your average campsite each morning, you see a range of people wandering around in pyjamas, bed headed, scratching parts of their anatomy that should only be seen in private, walking to the amenities.  Although, they are in this vulnerable (wouldn’t normally be seen bra-less and without make-up) state, they make friendly eye contact and chirrup “Good Morning!”  But put people in a restaurant, dressed (albeit in less than pjs) and eye contact seems to be forbidden.  They are still half asleep, but for some reason not as friendly.  And don’t get me started on sun lounger hoggers!  It was a lovely, relaxing holiday though.

Our 2nd outing was to Jersey.  This was a return visit for us.  We spent part of our honeymoon there in 2010 and it’s where we fell in love with our first VW campervan – Frankie.


You HAVE to go.  What a gorgeous part of northern Europe!







It’s like Cornwall and the Mediterranean rolled together with the best of the British weather.  Walking along the coast in early spring sunshine, seeing red squirrels and hidden sandy coves forced a tear from my eye.  (This is a woman who is dry eyed at Bambi and Dumbo – yes! Even the scene where Mrs Dumbo is in jail!)

Jersey is only 5 hours on a ferry from Poole, or you could go via the Euro-Tunnel to St Malo via our friends at Chateau Monfreville – great road trip!







So, what has our holiday research taught us?

  1. Everyone needs holidays – even us
  2. Campers are the friendliest people on the planet
  3. If you’re self-catering, plan your meals, take what you need with you
  4. If you’re not taking food, research where the local shops are – give your hard earned cash to local businesses – contribute to the local economy.

    We’re now energised and
    refreshed for another busy season, so until we blog again…..
    …..Keep Kamping! 








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Retro Fest Review!

We have attended many festivals and shows this summer, so here is our reminiscence of RetroFest…

3 days of dance, decadence and days gone by…

We’ve always been interested in yesteryear, so when we had the opportunity to exhibit at Retro Festival, we jumped at the chance.

The new venue of Newbury Showground is home from home for us as we also exhibit at the Royal Berkshire County Show each September.  Our set up day, Friday was thankfully dry and we managed to shimmy Dylan, Simba and a Morgan representing Richard Thorne’s self drive hire department onto the stand quite quickly.  As Kevin dashed back to the yard to see vans in and out, Maxine and her friend Meta, wandered off to see who else was there.  There were some beautiful clothing stalls, every era from 1940’s to 1970’s.  But then we found the food tent setting up…  A gin tasting session at the Silent Pool Distillery ensued – and very nice it was too…hic!

One of the great things about Retro Festival is the music on offer.  3 tents to be precise.  A Vintage tent with 1940’s music; after watching the amazing dancing in the 50’s music tent, we wandered over to the Ricky Tick 60’s stage, where The Small Fakers were performing.  We were soon joined by Kev, who promptly began to bounce around the dance floor like Tigger on blue smarties.

When we got back to the pitch at 11pm, it dawned on us that we hadn’t actually got round to setting up our sleeping arrangements.  Oops.  We hadn’t put Simba’s roof tent up before, but there’s nothing like putting yourself in the customer’s shoes.  Needless to say, it popped up like a favourite old storybook and we were in our pjs, tucked up in our sleeping bags by 11.45pm.

Saturday’s weather warmed up nicely and after another visit to the food tent (oh my word the flapjacks from The Wilde Bakery and pork pies from Rose Cottage Pantry were a-ma-zing) we were ready to meet our public. A busy day ensued and we decided to try out the Cabaret show in the Vintage tent for that evening’s entertainment.  Having only brought Kev’s Kampers promotional clothing with her, Maxine didn’t need much of an excuse to pop across to TODO Clothing and pick out a new frock for the occasion.  Everything from magic, to burlesque and harmonised singing made for a very pleasant time.

retrofest 2

Sunday came round and after a fry up in Dylan, we were ready to meet the day.  Kev dashed off again to see Enzo and Hermione back in, so Maxine took care of the stand.  Tea was shipped in by Bunny, bringing much needed supplies in the form of burgers and sausages (vegetarian option available).  Back to the 60’s tent in the evening for another northern soul session with The Flicks playing live.  The weekend’s partying was rounded off with a sing-song round the Phoenix Dubs’ camp fire.

Early Monday, it was Maxine’s turn to dash off to see Freddie in safely, leaving Kevin to load up Dylan on a trailer, (as wonderful as Kev is, he can only drive one thing at a time). Said trailer was kindly supplied by Lovell’s Trailers and Simba towed him home.

A great weekend all round – we’ll be doing that show again!  See you all next year 🙂


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