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Wherever I park my dub…………

Being self employed generally means you don’t get too many genuine holidays.  Even when you do manage to escape you’re constantly checking your phone for emails, quotes, money hitting the bank etc.

The team here at Kev’s Kampers fully understand this as we’re exactly the same. However, we do feel we have an advantage – our campervans.  We can work in comfort inside a VW T2 camper when we’re away and at the same time put it down to market research!

Having electrical hook up so you can run all your electricals means the laptop never runs out of charge.  More importantly the gas stoves mean you can pop a brew on anytime.  Never again do you have to buy a Cost-a-lot coffee at a service station (to be fair Kev & I are partial to a skinny Cortado now and again).

Then, there is the view from the “office” window.

Well, it can be anywhere you like, beach, countryside, cityscape, car park……… and it can change whenever you want it to. To paraphrase Paul Young, “wherever I park my dub, that’s my office”

The facilities at campsites across the UK are amazing these days and many have WIFI facilities, so you don’t need to use up your data for the whole month in a day.

This is true flexible working. Particularly for the self-employed who need to get away, but still need to keep in touch. It also means that if you have an unexpected quiet spell, why not give us a call, see who’s available and make best use of your time.  One of the things we have learnt over the last 6 years, is that instead of worrying that things are a little quiet at times, that is precisely the time to grab a getaway.  Relax. Refresh. Recharge the batteries.  After all, as long as we have WIFI we can operate.

So, what do you do if you don’t have WIFI – like the Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny used to say, “Relax, unwind…..”  One of our favourite campsites Holden Farm, Cheriton, on the South Downs advises you to turn everything off, enjoy the scenery, the dark skies and the silence.  We feel another blog coming on……….

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Posted by Kev's Kampers on Monday, 23 April 2018

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